2009 – Entrelineas Spain

Costumes of lights for the French energy giants

The artist Elena Paroucheva transforms in art the steel and the concrete of the towers of high-voltage power lines.

Little have to see the high voltage towers that we usually see on the roads with the works with which the Bulgarian artist Elena Paroucheva delights those who travel on the roads of the French northeast. This artist has managed to make them a work of art, dressing them with lights and colors that run through their structures. The effect is magical especially if they are sighted at night.

So now it occurs to him that he could simulate lightning and lightning, but also represent a ball of energy, a cloud or a rain of light, or create a movement like a cascade of glares, a wardrobe similar to the one that covered a fireplace. a factory in Japan or the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Of course, the latter is already a work of art.