Sculptures – towers

International CIGRE Congress – Santiago, Chile

10th and 11th November 2009


Conference Theme: The sustainable electric supply

  • The incorporation of non-renewable energies to the Electrical Grid
  • The introduction of new corridors for transmission lines
  • Sustainable power supply of large consumption & urban centers


“Sculptures – towers” or How to transform a high voltage line into a decorative, attractive and artistic monument. Elena Paroucheva, the creator of “Source” artwork is invited to introduce her works of art, share her experience and offer resolutions of an original environmental integration.

Organizer: CIGRE CHILI

20th – 25th April 2009

Continental congress center

Comité Chileno del CIGRE

Ortúzar 140, Oficina 32 Ñuñoa Santiago – Chile

CIGRE Congress Santiago 2009

Elena Paroucheva presentation

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