In Situ artworks

In situ Installations and Performances

The High Tension sculptures and installations find their place in urban areas and in the landscape. But I also present my Electric Art in art galleries, as part of symposiums or artistic events, where works are created for this space.

Here the questioning is on the subjects of: Visible-Invisible, Movement-Light, Sfumato and drawings, Human-Machine-Nature…

To create my installations, I’m adding cables, motors, lights, or wire mesh, on models of electric pylons in copper wire or welded steel.

The artworks in situ – like Vea’s Dress, The Bride of Montauban, Power Strip Tease in Paris, or the Electric Art performance in Sofia – convey a message of poetry in a steel world.

Pylons in clothes of light
Elena composes with reality by playing on transparency, colour and fluidity. And her interpretation of elegance gives these heavy carcasses incredible lightness

Philippe BOSSU

To the donors of light
“To the donors and to the researchers of light, to the person who is in search of transformation, Elena’s works transpose trace of man in a moment of sharing to a vision of light and space. What man has done, the artist transforms it. Of these immobile giants, Elena was able to extract aesthetic and grace, giving them an identity and a history. The light passes, it permits the existence of the work, the light makes the emptiness vibrate, an emptiness that gives existence to life. In a journey of colour between interlacing and cables, the light does cutouts, and the image is created for every traveller that passes by accompanied by his imagination, his desire to discover”.

Michel Arnault, “Art’Touch” President