Humanoid sculptures

No one can deny the environmental impact of high-voltage overhead transmission lines. In my work, I’m trying to connect Art and Environment. I want to give another look to our landscapes, whether in the country or in the city.

My artworks and studies target actual weak points, where urban constructions and networks of energy distribution are poorly received by the people: roundabouts, public spaces, fountains, stadiums, bridges, areas along highways, parking lots …

My main idea is to design works of art based on existing structures. As an example, I symbolically keep the core module of existing pylons, and reuse it to carry out my concept of: “Pylon-Sculptures”, “Antenna-Sculptures”, “Windmill-mast-Sculptures”, “Lighting Sculptures” …

The “High Tension” Sculptures (HTS) target any infrastructure in any domain: electrical networks, wind energy, urban lighting, telecom antennas …

These sculptures and wind towers are ladies, characters, animals, birds, flowers, and abstract forms, which will be installed alone or in groups in a natural landscape or an urban or rural location. They are “environment-friendly” because they are humans walking, dancing.


“Elena Paroucheva’s sculptures are appealing, and at the same time monumental and airy, they play with grace and charm with the landscape”.

Hélène KELMACHTER, Fondation Cartier d’Art Contemporain, Paris

“Threadlike, the sculptures permit the gaze to casually cut out the space. Lines and traits, they do not describe the matter but indicate what it could be. One finds as well the purification of cathedrals as the electricity network, one conveying the strength of the idea and the other the megawatts of energy. Immaterial presence, but a unquestionable presence”.

Patrice Grell