Drawings: Humanoid pylon – sculptures

My drawings are models for multi-support Pylon-Structures. They target supports such as:

• Power line towers
• Windmill masts
• Telephone relay antennas
• Lighting masts

I try to turn the pylons into artworks, and give them an aesthetic and artistic touch in our landscape. They form innovative solutions for sustainable development in the energy sector.
The Pylon-Sculptures are symbolically made of the same metallic components as existing pylons, and they are keeping their core module – the lattice. On that basis, I am creating new forms: humanoid pylons, iconic ladies, birds, animals, insects, flowers, trees, numbers and letters, geometric shapes and abstract forms, giant pylons marching, walking, and dancing, etc.

Our landscape is marred with a lot of not-so-often-aesthetic human-made buildings: pylons, lighting poles, antennas, bridges, wind turbines, towers, etc. My artistic approach is inspired by the visible-invisible antinomy: a pylon – as an energy carrier – is visible, but the energy that goes through the wires is not; antennas are visible, but radio waves are not.

At the start of my creation, I must forget that pylons are metal giants and not pay attention to the technical, climatic, electrical, and mechanical constraints, thus giving free rein to my imagination. Hence, I’ve surnamed my sculptures and installations “High Tension”, and called my artistic approach “Electric Art”.