Au-delà des lignes

Au-delà des lignes

Au-delà des lignes (Beyond the lines):

at CIGRE session, by C. Brochard,

Television: RTE
Date: 08/2010
Country: France

Electric art: pylons works of art

Elena Paroucheva is a visual artist, of Bulgarian origin. His style, Electric art, reinvents the world of electricity, with an artist’s and a woman’s look. On the occasion of her exhibition at CIGRE 2010, in Paris, she shows us a world of steel revisited.


Electric Art was first interested in the electrical networks, it now puts his brush on wind turbines or urban facilities that make up our landscapes.

“The man has left traces throughout his story, says Elena Parucheva. These traces compose (repetition with the preceding sentence) our memory, symbolize an epoch.

The electrical networks are part of it. I want to get them out of anonymity, to make them live differently. Have you ever seen them from a train or walking in the fields? I see them giants, who advance by themselves, walk, dancers … The landscape is cut behind them, and their infrastructure creates a graphic rhythm. These visual games serve as my inspiration to turn these steel structures into works of art.

My universe is in fact very contrasted, very lively and very sweet. On a daily basis or in my workshop, I juggle with this diversity, and it is the desire to test that guides me. I use velvet materials, in which metal and steel sink. I also use painted wood, and I incorporate fragments into the sculptures. Sometimes, metal materials play with each other. In the “Melina” sculpture, for example, I recycled letters from the Bulgarian brand Cacaobarry, which fell once the company closed about two years ago. It was an extremely strong moment, and these traces of a story, I associated with others, like the pylon. He is also a symbol of an era. From there, I imagined a new creation.

I am attached to what surrounds us. To create is to leave a trace of which one is proud, and which says a little more about our cultural identity. Art transmits a part of our memory, with the dough of the imagination. “